hy·per·chon·dri·a -- n.
The frenetic combustion in one's brain that creates external and internal disease and makes one very unpleasant company to family, peers, the medical community and even oneself.

Are you easily stressed out? Do strangers see your neck veins way more than they should? Does the concept of relaxing seem like it’ll have to wait until you’re dead? Then your name could very well be Brian Frazer.

On paper, Brian is the world’s healthiest guy. He eats right, exercises regularly, gets plenty of sleep, never smokes, and has missed only one day of flossing in the last five years. But inside, he’s a swirling cesspool of angst. Brian has the ability to contract a new illness almost every month along with a veritable sampler platter of disorders. In his quixotic quest for calm, he ventures into everything from tai chi, seratonin blockers and Kabbalah to an unfortunate incident involving pineapple-chicken curry at a cranial sacral therapy session. Never has the road to wellville been the site of so many wrong turns.

Achingly funny, uncomfortably true, and always entertaining, Hyper-chondriac is just the medicine for anyone who wants to take it down a notch.